Yosemite wedding at the Wawona Hotel

July 12, 2015

For a truly beautiful location to get married, you need not look any further than a Yosemite wedding at the Wawona Hotel. California is packed full of beautiful scenery, from the beaches of the south to redwoods of the north, but arguably the most beautiful land in the golden state is Yosemite National Park. In late June we had the privilege of shooting a wedding inside the park. Being that Dana and I got engaged in Yosemite, it’s a place near and dear to our own hearts.

It is often the case that we get excited about our couples and their weddings, and we always hope that our couples are just as excited to have us as their photographers. In the case of Kayla and Christopher we could tell right away that they were as excited to see us as we were to see them. You see, Kayla’s aunt is a big fan of our photography, and she was hoping that Kayla would choose us as her wedding photographers. We talked several times over the year and everyones excitement level grew as the day got closer. From the minute we arrived, we felt loved and welcomed by everyone involved. Talk about job satisfaction- we have it.

Pinks, grays, and blues, set against the woodsy background of the Wawona lodge, made for a dreamy wedding. Everyone was in such a relaxed mood. Kayla and her bridesmaids looked stunning, while Chris, with his boyish good looks, remained calm and collected. Right up until he saw Kayla walking down the isle. Sometimes that moment can be so full of emotion that it is hard to keep it all in. When the ceremony ended, we had time for some family pictures, and some fun wedding party shots. We also had plenty of time to steal the newlyweds away from everyone and get some of those sweet romantics we love so much. Watching these two stroll hand in hand, through fields of wild flowers, made us realize what a perfect location this was for their wedding. Of course, when the sun went down, and the music started, the party got into full swing. It is always delightful to watch family and friends come together and have so much fun.


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Make up: MICKI
Music: Kirk Moulin

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