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August 14, 2016

This was the perfect Wine Country Wedding. Many of the weddings we shoot in Napa are destination weddings. People from all over the country dream of getting married amid grapevines in the beautiful Napa Valley countryside. I don’t blame them. Even after many years of living in Napa (and taking it for granted as a kid) I still often find my own jaw dropping in amazement as we drive through the valley.
These two didn’t travel to Napa for their big day, they got married not too far from home at some good family friends’ home and winery. Despite its big time fame, Napa is still a small town. By small town, I guess I don’t really mean small in population or square acreage. I mean “small-town” when it comes to friends. David’s family has lived in Napa since before it was much of a tourist town. So what- big deal. YES, it’s a big deal because it’s given Kelsey and David BUCKETS of support for their wedding day and their marriage. It’s shown them how when you invest in relationships and you are there for others in the community, they’re there for you too. Their wedding day was a real life demonstration of small-town friends coming together and throwing a party in honor of people they love and care about. Everything from the wedding planner to the caterers, to the bartenders, the DJ, the cake maker and the florist– ALL were friends of Kelsey and David. They all pitched in to make this wedding day everything that K+D could ever imagine it to be. These two were feeling SO loved all day long. To top it off SO MANY of Kelsey’s family traveled from far, far away to be there to see them say “I DO”. Kelsey’s uncle was there to marry them, under that big tree, and her dad played guitar and sang a song during the ceremony.
What a day full of friends, family and love. It was a sweet and sincere ceremony, the tastiest dinner, a high energy reception with EVERYONE on the dance floor, and the coors lights and good wine were free flowing. They couldn’t have asked for more.

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Venue: A Private Residence and Winery in Napa, CA
Catering: Dowdle & Vallerga Families
DJ: DJ Joe, Wine Country Entertainment
Bride/Bridesmaids Hair: Kendall Pelfini –
Makeup: Mackenzey Bard, 707-815-8834
Bride’s Dress: Wine Country BrideAllure Romance
Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal


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