Wine Country Engagement Portraits / Lindsay + Danny

April 7, 2015

These Wine Country engagement portraits are full of sweet love, sunshine and vibrant energy…. and we’ve been dying to share them with you!
So, you see, Scott and I take a lot of road trips together. As in 10,000 miles in the past 3 months (YIKES!).  There is this tree we have been admiring for at least a year each time we drive past it. I CANNOT tell you how many times we’ve talked about shooting an engagement session under the branches of this tree. When Lindsay and Danny said they were up for it, we knew it would be the perfect spot for their engagement session. It wasn’t exactly easy to get to, so we were lucky that they were “all in” and trusted our vision.
In my eyes, some trees are sheer masterpieces and when I see a magnificent tree such as this one, it often takes my breath away. So tall and strong, with artistic branches reaching across the sky roots sent down deep into the earth to find nourishment and to create unbreakable stability. Each one is unique and beautiful in its own way. These trees are the perfect metaphor for the journey of marriage this couple is soon to embark upon.
Let me tell you, Lindsay and Danny are quite a match. In the short time they’ve been united, they have already been through a TON together. They appreciate each other so much and honestly, they are just a great fit. Both of them have told us that they really don’t even argue, that life together just feels easy and right. What a blessing!
Things may not always be easy, but these two (and their sweet little one Brooklyn!) are ready to start this new life together!
Lindsay and Danny, send your marriage roots deep, let your branches reach across the sky and enjoy the sunshine in this life! We cannot wait to photograph your wedding this summer at Wente Vineyards!!

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