Scribner Bend Wedding // Erin & Taylor Scribner // Sacramento Wedding

July 15, 2016

Erin & Taylor’s wedding was at the beautiful winery and wedding venue, Scribner Bend. When you have family in the wine business, and their property is as awesome as THIS, it’s what I would call a “no brainer”.  Taylor grew up on Scribner road, just a couple miles down the road from the winery. To say that getting married at Scribner Bend was sentimental to him would be an understatement. And it was just beautiful. These two families came together to celebrate Erin and Taylors forever-kind-of-love, and the event did not disappoint. I remember when I was getting married, looking around and thinking to myself “all of these people put this day on their calendar, put their lives on hold for a day (or more!), traveled here, and spent the entire day with us ALL because they love us. When you look around the room at your wedding reception and see people from all different aspects of your life combining to show support for your marriage, it’s really quite an amazing feeling. I’m all for elopements, and sometimes that is what is best– but when you get to have a wedding LIKE THIS ONE, at which you can feel the support from all your friends and family, I truly believe it puts strength behind your journey together as a couple. When people are there to see you embark on marriage from the very start, you better believe they’re going to have your back as a couple. I truly believe that, because everyone there in that tent listening to the toasts, hearing people validate what they already know to be true, what great people Erin and Taylor are…. ALL those people want these two to have a marriage that is steadfast. Including us. These two are off to a great start, and we couldn’t be more excited for them to enjoy their marriage the way we’ve enjoyed ours. With all the love and support they have surrounding them, there’s no doubt in my  mind it’s going to be a beautiful life for them.
Erin & Taylor, we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of your wedding day and we are SO happy you found us. Cheers to love and marriage! We hope you enjoy some of our favorite images from the day you said “I DO!”

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