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Olivia Henderson is the founder and lead designer at Olivia Floral Design Co. Having grown up with a big family garden, Olivia's love of floral design began when planting seeds with her grandfather every spring.

Since then, Olivia has graduated with a degree in professional floral design from the Institute of Floral Design.

Meet Olivia

Elegant La Quinta Wedding / La Quinta Resort & Spa


Let me tell you about this gorgeous La Quinta wedding.

La Quinta Wedding

I don’t think I’ve ever said the phrase “I can’t even”, but I honestly CAN’T EVEN. I don’t know where to begin. Let me try: The best thing about this wedding was….. hmmm that’s where I get stumped. Why? because EVERYTHING was perfect. Ok, I’ll try harder. Perhaps the grounds of the La Quinta Resort and Spa is the topper. Beautifully groomed, modernly appointed, and yet rich with history and depth. The foliage, the architecture, the service…. all of it, JUST RIGHT. How about the weather? Palm Springs boasts many things- but the WEATHER in the late fall is unbeatable. The wedding day weather was fantastic. Just enough clouds in the sky to offer gorgeous lighting and some warmth. There was zero wind and no chance of rain. The venue boasts that this last weekend in November is a coveted date, and I can see why. Weather can’t be the best thing about the wedding because the style of these two and ALL of their chosen details were so beautifully selected and placed, that their wedding was seriously magazine-worthy. I’m not sure how to articulate the style, but perhaps something like desert-hacienda-mexican-oasis-bliss would sum it up. You’ll see how well-put together everything was- and people something like this doesn’t just happen with nonchalance. Ryan and Dani chose a theme and RAN with it so perfectly. So I’d like to say the style and details were the highlight.  But I can’t say that, because that would mean I’m forgetting something very important. The honest-to-goodness truth about the best part of this wedding was the PEOPLE. The bride and groom are amazing people.They are welcoming, gracious, enthusiastic and they glow with happiness, so naturally, their friends and family reflect that.  The sincerity and sentiment seen throughout the entire day was something to marvel at. From the thoughtful gifts given by the bride and groom to their nearest and dearest, to the entertaining toasting speeches, to the creative and meaningful ceremony readings, to the well wishes and strong hugs being passed around throughout the afternoon and evening- it all spoke volumes about the bride and groom and the tone they set for not only their wedding but their everyday lives. When you hear people say “good people” this is what I hope they mean.

Ryan and Dani we feel so blessed to be the ones to be able to give you a visual reminder of how awesome your wedding day was. We hope these images will ALWAYS bring you right back to the way you felt on the day you married one another.

   La Quinta Wedding La Quinta Wedding La Quinta Wedding    La Quinta Wedding

La Quinta Wedding La Quinta Wedding   

Venue: La Quinta Resort & Spa
Photographers: Weddings by Scott & Dana
Bridal Gown:  Jinza Bridal
Hair & Makeup: Brie Does Hair and Makeup
Flowers: Artisan Events
Rentals: Signature Party Rental
Wedding Coordination: Chic Productions
DJ: Keith Campbell
Cakes: Decuffa Cakes
Photo Booth: Amusebooth
Officiant: Rob Snodgrass


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