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Olivia Henderson is the founder and lead designer at Olivia Floral Design Co. Having grown up with a big family garden, Olivia's love of floral design began when planting seeds with her grandfather every spring.

Since then, Olivia has graduated with a degree in professional floral design from the Institute of Floral Design.

Meet Olivia

Kenwood California Rainy Day Wedding / Laticia + Pat


Laticia and Pat are one of those couples that makes a real, lasting impression on the people lucky enough to know them. They definitely don’t take relationships with others for granted. Their kindness is unmatched, and if you know them, you know this.

From the minute we first received an email from Laticia, I knew we were going to be great friends. She was far more excited to be marrying Pat, than she was about planning a wedding. Early in our emailing Laticia said this: “I hope you see it when you meet Pat and I, but I am so crazy in love with him… I would marry him tomorrow. In my pajamas. But we are lucky enough to have a beautiful wedding to launch a beautiful marriage.” From there, they only grew to be more endearing to us with each email and meeting.

The wedding took place at The Pythian House, a small venue in Kenwood, CA with lush landscape, chosen by the two because they wanted their guests to be able to celebrate with them as if they were just celebrating in a lovely backyard. A celebration simple, beautiful and personal. When Laticia spoke of how she wanted all the details of the wedding to be, her words were more about how she wanted everyone to experience the day, especially for the beloved guests, and far less about how she wanted things to look. In fact, on the invitation RSVP card, they asked guests to make song requests that they could forward to the DJ prior to the wedding day, so the party would be dictated in part by all of the guests. She chose vendors they trusted, and aside from making it clear that she wanted all of their dogs (past and present- they currently have 6 DOGS!) to be incorporated into the day, they let their trusted wedding vendors pretty much have carte blanche. The tablescapes, the bouquets, the ceremony setting, ALL of it came together just perfectly. Even the bridal party, whose only criteria was to “wear grey”.  It was dreamy-California-garden-beautiful. As you look through the images, you’ll see all the ways in which the puppy-dog theme was incorporated. They even used each of their dogs as their “table numbers”. Genuis. Boutique Events really did a wonderful job with every aspect.

There was just ONE HITCH.  When the wedding weekend arrived, the forecast showed a steady rain all day. The ENTIRE wedding was to take place outdoors, without really any other option (and with the beauty of the chosen venue, NO ONE wanted any other option). The eve before the wedding, much to Laticia’s dismay, the decision was made to tent the 3 areas of the venue where the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception were to take place. Now I understand sometimes tents are a necessity and that they can even be beautiful, but to cover up the natural beauty of their ceremony site, chosen for it’s open-ness and for the tall Palms flanking the place where they would share nuptials was a downright shame, rain or no rain. I texted Laticia the day before the wedding saying that I was thinking of her (knowing full well that she would be beside herself about the weather) and she sent back: “We had to tent the ceremony site and it looks awful. It’s really worrying me but I’m maintaining faith that you guys will be able to work around it. It’s not good.” There was a heavy disappointment in her text. All I could do was remind her that the day was going to be great NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENED.

I know this story is getting pretty long, but when we arrived at the venue on the morning of the wedding day, they had opted to take the ceremony tent down. The forecast still showed good chances of rain but L&P decided that providing umbrellas for all and just going with whatever God and Mother Nature had planned for them out there under the palm trees was going to be how it went down. I LOVED THIS. The “take it as it comes and make the best of it” attitude is FOREVER the best way.  And you know what happened? IT RAINED. About 2/3 of the way through the ceremony it really started coming down. EVERYONE had their umbrellas up and Laticia and Pat pledged lifelong love and kissed their first kiss as the rain added romance and magic and made unforgettable memories for everyone present. From there everyone headed to cocktail hour and then into the reception tent where guests found a letter personally addressed to each of them from the bride and groom at their seat. Every guest felt so cared for and the sweetness that was abounding was utterly heartwarming. From the dancing, to the photo booth, to the s’mores at the firepit, a WONDERFUL time was had by all.

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Mae Flowers Sonoma - spring wedding flowers Kenwood California Rany Day Wedding 2016-06-16_0068 Kenwood California Rany Day Wedding 2016-06-16_0070 Spring Wedding Bouquets 2016-06-16_0075 2016-06-16_0076 2016-06-16_0074 dog themed wedding dog themed wedding 2016-06-16_0078
2016-06-16_0080 Kenwood California Rany Day Wedding 2016-06-16_0082 2016-06-16_0083 2016-06-16_0084 2016-06-16_0086 2016-06-16_0085 2016-06-16_0097 dog themed wedding 2016-06-16_0087 2016-06-16_0088 dog themed wedding 2016-06-16_0090 2016-06-16_0091 2016-06-16_0098 Kenwood California Rainy Day Wedding 2016-06-16_0093 2016-06-16_0094 2016-06-16_0096

Venue: The Pythian House, Kenwood, CA
Wedding Planner: Lisa McAdams – Boutique Events
Hair & Makeup: Caysi Jean
Florist: Mae Flowers – Cecelia Carsillo
Videographer: Where is Matilda – Aleksandra Hess
DJ: Old Skool DJs – DJ Marcus T
Bride’s Dress: The Glamour Closet
Groom’s Suit: Banana Republic
Caterer: Park Avenue Catering
Linens: La Tavola
Rentals: Napa Farmhouse and Rustic Love
Stationery: Etsy – Home Perfect


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