I’m going to have to quit.

July 26, 2016


There are times in your life that are so difficult, so contrary to the real you, that the best solution is to quit.

One of those moments for me came about two years ago. Dana and I had been building our business for several years and we were beginning to see some steady success. We were not yet making enough money to support a family, but my “steady” job was a good one. In fact, it was a great job. Great hours, great pay and benefits, but it wasn’t what was best for me in the long run. Some of you might relate to this. You want to be doing something else, something with a better future, more job satisfaction, more growth potential, but you’re still in the “safe” job. The job that pays the bills. That was me.

Today marks the two-year anniversary of leaving that job. It was hard, but It made the most sense. I was at the point where I couldn’t continue to grow “our” business and continue to be a great employee for someone else. I still remember how great it felt to say out loud “I’m going to have to quit.” ¬†When the time is right, there is no fear. There may be some anxiety but at this point, you should be able to trust your plan.

I miss my old colleagues, but I don’t miss working for someone else. These last two years of business building with my wife has been amazing. It’s challenging and rewarding. It belongs to us. Our hard work and constant desire to improve benefit us directly. That’s a feeling worth quitting for.

I just want to encourage anyone who has a plan for something better than what they have right now. Your time will come. Keep planning, be smart about it, grow it, and soon you will be able to say, “I’m going to have to quit.”


  1. Nicole Wallace

    August 11th, 2016 at 5:06 pm

    I really love this! I think it’s so important to listen to your intuition and although there may be some anxiety in making the jump, pushing past that and diving in head first is so crucial for success! Great post.

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