Felicia + Eddy – Married // Bay Area Wedding Photography

July 22, 2016

These two were highschool sweethearts. Now, so much love and so many memories later– they are MARRIED. It’s a super exciting time in their lives for many reasons. I think as you are growing up and you think of your future, you think of working in a career you love and being happily married. THAT is what will make you a grown up. These two have arrived to their future. They both work in fields that contribute to the betterment of people, as Eddy works in a hospital and it’s Felicia’s first year having her own class as an elementary school teacher. I can’t imaging life feeling any more full and rewarding as it does for these two right now. They are such kind and positive people, and we are so happy for them!
They were married at Wedgewood Foxtail Event Center in Rohnert Park, CA. Felicia really did a beautiful job putting the wedding together. They did just about everything themselves- and it was all lovely! Felicia and Eddy- we are so excited for you as you embark on your marriage together. <3 Keep rockin’ this beautiful life together.

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Venue: Wedgewood Foxtail – Rohnert Park
Wedding Coordinator: Tucker Peter
Florist: Grohe Florists – Julie Klingaman
Hair & Makeup: Special Effects for Hair
Wedding Gown: Wine Country Bride
Bridesmaids Dresses: A Touch of Class Bridal
Mens Suits: Wine Country Bride
DJ: Noel Plumb – Perfect Day Music
Cake: Your Sweet Expectations
Officiant: Chris Massingill

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