Amanda + Scott | Desert Engagement Photos

February 19, 2015

It has been a very cold month for much of the U.S. Amanda & Scott escaped Chicago for the weekend and we caught up with them for some desert engagement photos.  Being wedding photographers in Northern California, this sunny Vegas February weather was nice for us too.

Amanda and Scott met quite some time ago during a weekend trip to a mutual friends lake house. During that weekend they realized they would both be in Las Vegas in two weeks time. Coincidence is our favorite ingredient for great love stories. We’re sure those two weeks were filled with anticipation, and nervous feelings. Maybe a phone call or a text. Finally those two weeks past and they met up again for a weekend of Vegas fun. By the end of that Las Vegas trip, they were already making plans to see each other again. Since then they have been creating a wonderful story of love and romance that is leading up to a Las Vegas Wedding this November at the J.W. Marriot.

This session began in a natural desert spring area that offered a nice backdrop to summer dresses, boots, and plaid shirts. White picket fences, wooden bridges, and desert oaks add to the rustic nature. We followed Amanda and Scott into the desert for some more nature inspired landscape that included Joshua trees, cactus, and dessert sage. By this time everyone was warming up and we were able to have a little fun with ring shots and fun angles. It’s about this time in the session when you can really start to see how a couple interacts with each other. You can see the caring loving way they look at each other. It’s in their touch and even in the way they play with each other. It’s not unusual to catch someone making a funny face at the other one. These are the moments that lifestyle photographers are looking for. Moments that show the genuine tenderness, trust, and friendship that will carry them through their lives as a couple. Those are the lines of this love story.

Amanda and Scott, thank you for including us. For everyone that is enduring near freezing temperatures back east: let these sun drenched photos and this special couple bring some warmth into your day.

Desert Engagement PhotosDesert Engagement PhotosDesert Engagement PhotosDesert Engagement PhotosDesert Engagement Photos


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