Christina and Kenny ~ Engaged! | Northern California Engagement Portraits | Weddings by Scott and Dana

October 4, 2013

Well, isn’t life beautiful? The places you don’t know exist….. We got to meet Christina and Kenny (who will be married next Summer in Tahoe) and they showed us around their BEAUTIFUL countryside- Quincy, CA. I can’t describe it, so you’ll have to look. These two are just a great couple- they told us how meeting each other wasn’t necessarily thought to be in the plan. They both were just living in their small town for a “short time” with plans to move elsewhere- but got “distracted” from that plan and they couldn’t be happier that they did. God sure does have His way of showing us a different plan sometimes- and these two get it.

Scott and I continually find ourselves in situations where we have to pinch ourselves. Meeting AWESOME people, seeing AWESOME places, and finding fulfillment in delivering images to people who will have them forever. Really- this is our life. Wow.

Christina and Kenny- THANK YOU for a wonderful time with you. WE CAN’T WAIT FOR THE WEDDING. <3

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