Alissa + Alex ~ MARRIED // Thomas Fogarty Winery Wedding

August 12, 2015

Have you ever been to a Thomas Fogarty Winery Wedding? Wow. The views at this venue are perhaps the biggest (but not only) reason this venue is a FANTASTIC place to get married. We had the chance to scout out the grounds a week prior to the wedding- it was quite interesting, because as we climbed higher into the Santa Cruz mountains, the bright blue sunny sky became increasingly cloudy and foggy and by the time we made it to the top of the mountain and pulled up to the winery, we could see about 50 feet in front of our faces. It was a fog and cloud filled sky, which was rare for that time of year. However, there were moments of partial clearing that gave us quick glimpses of the views and I’m not kidding when I say we got goosebumps. To be honest, fog-filled days photograph BEAUTIFULLY and had their wedding day been fog-filled, we would have loved it just the same, but it wouldn’t have done the venue justice. However, on their wedding day the weather was PERFECT with a nice breeze to partner with the warm sun for the ideal setting.
When we first met Alissa and Alex it was on a skype call, as they are currently living in Little Rock, AR for schooling. The CUTENESS and utter JOY and EXCITEMENT they exude made its way through the computer screen, and we were so hopeful that they wanted to work with us. We then met Alissa in person in San Francisco (and her sweet mama!) and it was a done deal that we were ALL excited about. They told us about how wonderful Thomas Fogarty Winery was, and they were right!
Because Alex was very busy with Medical School, and they were not local to our area, we weren’t able to do engagement photos. The next time we were going to see them was their wedding day. As the day neared, about a week before the wedding day, we were in conversation with Alissa and she told us that Alex was in the hospital with excruciatingly painful headaches and they didn’t know why. He was having tests done to determine the cause, and at that point they had no answers. Though Alissa didn’t say it, there was a looming question of concern- would they be able to have the wedding as planned? I was so scared for them. They had really put a lot of time and effort into planning this wedding and SO MANY of their guests were going to be traveling from far away, without the opportunity to reschedule the travel, as the wedding was in JUST a few days. Well, thank God, with the help of the doctors, Alex was able to start feeling better. We breathed a big sigh of relief when we finally heard from Alissa that Alex’s pain had subsided.
When the wedding day arrived and we were able to see Alissa, meet Alex in person, and see the venue with clear skies! The day ONLY got better. As we met more and more of their friends and family, we could see why they live with joy and appreciation for their life together, as they are surely blessed.
Take a look at the loveliness, of their day…. and if these highlights aren’t enough, there are more in the slideshow at the bottom. We wish you two a lifetime of happiness, Alissa and Alex!


Thomas Fogarty Winery WeddingThomas Fogarty Winery WeddingThomas Fogarty Winery WeddingThomas Fogarty Winery WeddingThomas Fogarty Winery WeddingThomas Fogarty Winery Wedding

If you’d like to see more of Alissa & Alex’s fun and beautiful wedding, here’s a slide show for your enjoyment. <3

Vendor Credit:
Photography: Weddings by Scott and Dana
Bridal Gown: RK Bridal New Your City
Bride’s Hair: ReneĆ©’s Artistry
Bride’s Makeup: Rebecca Kneer
Florist: Terri Baldocci
Cake: Angel Heart Cakes
Catering: Schumans Four Season’s Caterers
DJ: Big Fun DJ

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