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Olivia Henderson is the founder and lead designer at Olivia Floral Design Co. Having grown up with a big family garden, Olivia's love of floral design began when planting seeds with her grandfather every spring.

Since then, Olivia has graduated with a degree in professional floral design from the Institute of Floral Design.

Meet Olivia



Sitting here, having spent the past couple of days looking through the entire season of weddings….. wow what a season full of love. Ten years into photography and I still can’t believe that I get to be a wedding photographer WITH MY HUSBAND and we are able to make a living doing something we LOVE. How many people get to say that? I pinch myself. What if I had never decided to try taking that first family’s portraits in 2009? I didn’t know what I was doing- what if I was afraid to try? What if Scott had never come to me and said “I’d like to learn to shoot with you, and I think we should shoot weddings.” How would life be diffferent? Ten years ago, we had just closed down 2 of the 3 small gyms that we owned, and basically gave the third one away to someone willing to take it over. We had bought those gyms to take the place of the Interior Design business that had stressed me to the core…. we were feeling discouraged, to say the least, and we were BOTH still working nights in the restaurant industry on top of raising 4 kids. In that broken state, our photography business was born. To be honest, I don’t know how in the world we were able to get it going – there were a million reasons why it seemed like it would never work.
But here we are. Happy and hard-working, and truly blessed to have gotten to be a part of all of these beautiful experiences of 2019. We hope you enjoy! Part B, with more images, to follow. <3


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