Highlights of 2018 A

January 1, 2019

Our 2018 Wedding Season Highlights – A Weddings by Scott & Dana  Year-End Review (PART A).

Thinking about putting together a post that tells the story of a year’s worth of weddings is intimidating. Before I began to curate images to share for this year’s end of season post, I began to get anxiety… I was all kinds of crazy inside my head. How will I select the images that do these beautiful weddings justice? What if I can’t find enough images that express the wonder that is contained in the memories of these brides and grooms and their loved ones?  I looked through last year’s post of the same kind. (It was easy to find, haha, because it was our most recent post! We didn’t put up a SINGLE BLOG POST in between… something I hope we will improve upon in 2019). When I looked through last year’s post (see it here if you’d like), it brought all the memories back from those weddings and I thought to myself, WOW. What a year we had in 2017!  Looking through that post, it helped me through my anxiety because it just made me feel good…. and I was able to begin choosing images to share from this past year. Once I started looking and choosing it was so hard to pare them down! They’re all attached to moments that are full of such love and beauty!

How can I talk about 2018 without sounding like we are utterly SPOILED photographers? I’m not sure…. because we ARE definitely spoiled photographers. I mean yes, we DO work super hard, but I’m not sure how we have been so fortunate to continute to meet so many couples with the SWEETEST hearts. Looking through the images from this past year of wonderful weddings has me pinching myself once again. ALSO, THE TALENT OF THE VENDORS. We are SO blessed to be in these circles with so many incredible people! Sometimes I feel like it’s all too good to be true- getting to do something together, that we love, and actually being able to make a living doing it!

In 2018 we shot 40 weddings. I’m splitting this year’s BEST OF blog post into two groups because it was getting a little ridiculous when I started looking at how many photos I had intended to share in a single post. So here are half of them and the rest will follow in a separate post in a few days.  If you make it to the end of both of these posts, you’re either a bit of a romantic, perhaps you just like to look at pretty things, or you are super supportive and Scott and I, but either way we are impressed and OH SO GRATEFUL for you!

Without further ado, I bring you the first half of our 2018 Wedding Season Highlights: